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Discount Book Alert: Tales From The Radiation Age (The Book) On Sale From Amazon


So I just got word that the completed version of my Kindle serial, Tales From The Radiation Age, is being put up for one of Amazon’s 20 For $2 promotions. Which basically means that you can get it in its full digital version (no waiting for serialized episodes to be delivered, from the first word all the way through to the last) right this very minute for just $2.

A sweet deal? Yes it is. For the amount of dinosaurs, giant robots, bar fights, whiskey drinking, bad language and prostitutes you’re getting, I think it’s a steal. And if two bucks just seems to dear to you, think about it this way: You’re only paying $1 for each parallel universe the story covers, about 75-cents for each buried Max Headroom reference, 66-cents for every triceratops ridden and a nickel per mad scientist.

I have also just received my box of official paperbacks (the physical book won’t be on sale until March), and I’m trying to figure a good way to give them away. They’re cool. The design is gorgeous. And even if you hate the story, the thing is big enough to make a good doorstop or bludgeoning weapon, should the need arise. So Keep your eyes on this space for your chance at scoring an early, signed copy.

Amazon’s 20 For $2 [amazon.com]
Tales From The Radiation Age [Get it cheap right here]