Welcome to Tales From The Radiation Age. This whole thing began its life as a serialized novel–a kind of Dickensian experiment in episodic fiction conducted by the good people at 47North in which I was thrilled to take part over the course of the last six months or so. Like his Dickens-ness, I churned out thousands of words every couple weeks which, when polished ’til shiny and put all together, made up an entire novel. Unlike Dickens, my words were mostly about giant robots and dinosaurs, spies, prostitutes, whiskey-drinking and parallel universes rather than adorable urchins and the mean streets of London. And instead of being serialized in dead-tree format, my story was delivered, chapter by chapter, straight to people’s eyeballs (by way of their Kindles). But other than that, I am totally just like Charles Dickens.

But here’s the thing… Once I was finished writing the book, I just couldn’t let this stuff go. Every time I’d get a Google alert about nanotechnology, xenocartography or the sex lives of narwhals (yeah, the book took some weird turns…), I’d feel bad that I had nothing to do with this information–no place to put it, talk about it, play with it. No place where I could wonder aloud at the social lives of lonely whale biologists.

Thus, this blog was born–a place to collect the data which will shape the world of the future. Sure, it’s absolutely a place for my books to live and grow (where I can tell new stories and test out new ideas), but it’s also more than that. It’s a place for authors, for mad scientists, for futurists and those deeply concerned about the coming robot apocalypse. It’s a collection point for stories about wormholes, drones, makers, rockstar scientists, super-intelligent hamsters bent on world domination and whatever else tickles my neck hairs on any given day. Like it says right up top in the banner: The future is going to be weird so you should be ready. And that’s what we’re going to do here–look forward to a future that’s going to be stranger, cooler, wilder, more mind-blowing and more heart-breaking than anything any of us can imagine today.

So welcome to the Radiation Age, friends. Now let’s get started.

~Jason Sheehan

Oh, and for those of you who are interested, here’s one (of many) ways to find my books.

Tales From The Radiation Age

A Private Little War

Cooking Dirty: A Tale Of Life, Sex, Love and Death in the Kitchen


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